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Coronation Street couple torn apart as newcomer makes Christmas arrival

Coronation Street couple torn apart as newcomer makes Christmas arrival

Tommy Orpington of Coronation Street departed the show in 2016 and returned for a special appearance in 2021, but he is now permanently returning to Weatherfield, which may cause friction for a couple.

After a fortuitous encounter on Christmas Day, Matt Milburn’s character Tommy Orpington from Coronation Street made his ITV soap opera return tonight. It appears that he has his sights set on Tracy McDonald, played by Kate Ford.

Could this be the tipping point for Tracy and her husband Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) after their Christmas blowout? Tracy and Steve McDonald have never been a stable couple and fight over the smallest things.

Tracy was shocked to see that Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) and Carla Connor (Alison King), who was not aware that Peter would not be drinking, had come empty-handed as Christmas in the Barlow/McDonald home got underway. When Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) and Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) joined them after announcing they were spending Christmas together, things took a turn for the worse for her.

Before the discussion shifted to something Tracy had read about taking a year off from relationships, Steve was sitting at the table looking as serious as a thundercloud.

Tracy responded with a quip after Adam voiced his concerns, saying, “Well, it might have helped your relationship but you will never know now will you.”

“So during this imaginary gap year, what do you do?” Daniel continued. Steve responded in a mocking manner, “Hmm, let me guess, sleep with people.”

Tracy clarified, “Well obviously or what would be the point,” and Peter cracked a joke, remarking that “Oh she sounds keen.”

Steve joked, “Yeah well be careful what you wish for,” getting frustrated with the conversation. This infuriated Tracy, who exclaimed, “Oh what you think you would have the ladies lining up for you Steve?”

Steve stood up from his chair and announced that he was going to start their “relationship gap year” at the Bistro. Shortly after, Tracy stormed out, stating that she was thirsty.

Tommy Orpington was waiting for her when she entered her flower shop and cracked open the bottle of wine she was going to give Mary.

“I need a last-minute pressie for my mum!” he said to her after she informed him that the store was closed. prior to telling him a plant was £50 and placing it in front of him.

After accepting the plant, he said, “All right, as long as you let me quote for any painting or decorating that you need done,” and he gave his card to the recipient.

Before Les Dawson laughed and wished Tracy a Merry Christmas, Tracy claimed to know the name and joked that it was one of his characters.

Might Tracy be embarking on a new romantic relationship? After their shattered past, how will Steve feel to know Tommy is back in Weatherfield?

Producer of Coronation Street Iain MacLeod has already hinted that Tommy will be part of a romantic storyline involving a well-known female character.

He told the press at Express: “A story evolves where this attractive, historically successful man arrives into one of our female character’s lives and upsets the apple cart in fairly spectacular fashion.

“You’ll probably recognize who I’m talking about as soon as you watch the episode, but I’d prefer to keep the details under wraps for now so you can enjoy the surprise for yourself when Christmas rolls around.

Matt is ecstatic to be doing something a little more, and this will be the first time we’ve done anything more meaningful with him. He finds the plot exciting and believes it to be very enjoyable.

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