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Coronation Street: Adam being Daniel’s solicitor is wrong, fans note

Coronation Street: Adam being Daniel’s solicitor is wrong, fans note

Last night, on March 13, on Coronation Street, Detective Sergeant Swain questioned Daniel Osbourne regarding Lauren Bolton’s case.
Adam, who was Daniel’s attorney during the interview, then followed Daniel into the interview room.
Because Adam is Daniel’s solicitor, viewers of Corrie have now noticed a conflict of interest.

Coronation Street: DS Swain questioned Daniel

Max made the decision to inform the authorities of his suspicions regarding Lauren’s secret boyfriend while she was still unaccounted for.
Max suggested that Daniel was Lauren’s secret boyfriend, citing an instance in which he saw Lauren getting all dolled up before leaving for a tutoring session with Daniel.
Daniel was then questioned by DS Swain at the station, who brought up his history with Nicky Wheatley and Summer.
Daniel designated Adam as his solicitor, and Adam represented him in the interview room.
Daniel assured DS Swain that the tutoring sessions were innocent and that he had nothing to do with Lauren’s sex work.
The Streets heard on the radio that Lauren’s disappearance was now being investigated as a possible murder after Daniel got home.

Coronation Street fans complain over Adam and Daniel scenes

Fans of Corrie couldn’t believe what they saw when Adam sat down with Daniel last night in the role of his attorney. They now acknowledge that, given their familial ties, Adam most definitely shouldn’t have been permitted to represent Daniel!
“How can Adam represent Daniel in Corrie?” one person questioned. He is related to me.”

How can Adam represent Daniel in #corrie he’s family

— Tommy CeCe (@Tomcau118) March 13, 2024

How can Adam be Daniel’s solicitor? They are nephew and uncle. #Corrie #CoronationStreet

— Gold Cross, Red Flag (@cross_flag) March 13, 2024

Would Adam be allowed to be Daniel’s solicitor? Wouldn’t it count as a conflict of interest as they’re related? #Corrie

— Rob Cummings (@chelsearob14) March 13, 2024

“Would Adam be allowed to be Daniel’s solicitor?” asked a different fan. Given their relationship, wouldn’t it be considered a conflict of interest?
How is it possible for Adam to be Daniel’s solicitor, asked a third viewer? They are an uncle and a nephew.

What’s next for Daniel in the case of Lauren Bolton?

Future spoilers for Coronation Street indicate Roy Cropper’s apprehension over Lauren Bolton’s murder.
But can Daniel finally exhale now that Roy is the center of attention? Or will he stay under the police’s notice?

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