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Actress Tammin Sursok asks her fans if she should be granted ‘some leniency’ after she was fined $300

Tammin Sursok stated on Sunday that she was fined $300 and lost demerit points for exceeding the speed limit by 58 kilometers in a 50-kilometer zone.

The actress, 38, posted a photo of her driving ticket on Instagram Stories, saying she thinks the ‘points loss severe,’ especially when she doesn’t want to slam on the brakes for safety’ when exiting the motorway at 70km/h.

Tammin went on to say that she was getting a lot of messages on Instagram and that she was wondering whether there should be “some leniency” when exiting motorways.

‘Got a driving ticket from Australia,’ the former Home and Away actor said besides a screenshot of her driving ticket, which she marked 58km in red marker. I drove 58 kilometers in a 50-kilometer zone. Loss of $300 and points ‘I mean, what are your thoughts?’

Tammin later remarked that she ‘likes regulations’ and is ‘glad to pay fines’ in a subsequent post.

‘I think it’s important to drive safely,’ she said, going on to suggest that she finds ‘loss of points excessive especially when it was 70km on the highway, straight to a 50’, and ‘didn’t want to slam on [the] breaks because of safety.

Tammin then asked her followers if there should be “some tolerance” when exiting freeways, what constitutes “fair,” and whether fines should be increased in school zones.

After a quick journey to Los Angeles, the Pretty Little Liars star has returned home to Brisbane with her daughters, Phoenix, eight, and Lennon, three.

Tammin McEwen, who has two children with her husband Sean McEwen, juggles parenthood and a demanding acting career.

She spoke to Stellar magazine last month about filming a cameo role for Neighbours before the show was cancelled.

‘I needed to go back to a soap and see it through a different lens – as someone who’s much older – and make peace with that whole time,’ she explained.

‘Neighbours will only be known to our children through repeats! Neighbors will always be a special part of who we were… but I suppose it all goes away eventually.’

Tammin also commented about the atmosphere on set last month, as her guest appearance coincided with the series’ cancellation.

‘I love the work ethic of Australians… they came with such professionalism and they did their job and they didn’t moan about it and they didn’t chuck a hissy fit,’ Tammin said on The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

‘They were just so professional and it was just really nice to be on that show when it was going through such a transition,’ she continued.

Last month, Network 10 and production company Fremantle announced that Neighbours will be discontinued. In June, the last episode will be shot.

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