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13 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week What’s next in Summer Bay?

As the episode of Home and Away approaches, Mac appears to be having a heart attack due to the strain of having to referee Felicity and Tane’s marital problems.

John gets into problems elsewhere for having a short fuse, and Bree’s appointment with Remi’s parents doesn’t go as planned.

Here’s the whole list of the 13 major events that are approaching.

Felicity and Mackenzie lock horns

Felicity, who still feels that Mackenzie betrayed her by offering Tane a place to stay, is furious.

Tensions between the women erupt in the middle of Salt, forcing Xander to intervene and diffuse the situation.

Felicity follows Mackenzie home to recover from her stressful outburst and apologizes profusely for her previous actions. She also requests Mac to return Tane’s wedding band after giving it to him.

Tane lashes out

Tane refuses to accept his wedding ring back from Felicity and apologises to Mac for her getting stuck in the middle of his problems.

After blocking Felicity on his phone, Tane then tosses his ring into the garbage and declares to the entire gym that his marriage is finished.

Meanwhile, Mali urges Mac to stay out of Tane and Felicity’s business, but she can’t help but worry.

Bree meets Remi’s parents

As Remi and Bree celebrate their 35 years of marriage, they go to see his parents, Graham and Nicola.

The evening is off to a fantastic start when Remi tries to shut his girlfriend down and the topic of Bree’s abusive husband comes up.

Remi’s actions have hurt Bree, and she doesn’t understand why he’s attempting to keep their past a secret.

Bree makes a brave move

Remi quickly realizes his mistakes and tells Bree that he doesn’t feel guilty about his parents knowing how they first became friends.

During breakfast the following day, Bree confides in Nicola and Graham about her choice to take Jacob’s life in order to save her own.

Bree’s boldness is acknowledged by Nicola, who also expresses her want to spend more time getting to know her.

Cash wants to get back to work

Rose tries to cheer up Cash, who is depressed about his suspension, by pointing out how successful Harper and Irene’s cases have been.

Cash is reluctant to request that his review be expedited, even though she is urging her colleague to do so.

He finally gives in and submits the request after hearing some sage advice from Eden, but will it be granted?

Dana takes on a new challenge

Dana decides to give back to the community by signing up to the Bronze Medallion course, which is being run by John Palmer.

Ignoring Irene’s warnings that John can be short-tempered, Dana arrives eager to get stuck in.

Unfortunately, John’s not has his morning coffee, and he takes his frustrations out on his students – targeting one in particular called Banjo.

Theo has a proposition for Kirby

Kirby accepts Theo’s offer of assistance since he is eager to compose some new music for Lyrik.

The ex-couples concur that making songs together was their happiest time, and Kirby is there to support Theo when he starts doubting his lyrics.

Later, Theo suggests Kirby write a song for Leah and Justin’s wedding when Kirby gets an email from a record label offering her $8,000 for a song she wrote.

 Tane sleeps with someone else

As the week continues, Tane is still in a dark place over Felicity’s baby lie.

Mali, Harper, Dana and Roo all try their best to distract him, but Tane decides the only way to get his wife out of his system is by going on the pull.

The next morning, Mali is horrified to discover Tane brought a woman home and fears his friend’s way of coping isn’t healthy.

 John is in big trouble

There’s bad news for John when Alf reveals Banjo has lodged a formal complaint against him, citing bullying, disrespect and micro-aggressions.

Realising this could ruin his reputation and put an end to the Bronze Medallion course, John is forced to eat a large slice of humble pie and apologises to Banjo for his treatment of him.

Marilyn decides to take a break

Marilyn goes to Irene to beg for yearly vacation so she may visit Jett, but her boss misinterprets her request and believes she’s asking for extra work.

The misinterpretation has left Maz shaken, so Alf has to step in and clarify the issue to Irene.

Marilyn is happy to comply and eagerly gets ready for her much-needed vacation.

Leah and Justin set the date

After experiencing unsettling flashbacks of the Vita Nova kidnapping, Leah finally breaks down to Justin and admits that she needs assistance.

After his fiancée reveals that she can’t sleep due to worry, he listens on sympathetically until Leah eventually nods off in Justin’s protective arms.

The following morning, the pair makes a commitment to focus on the future and choose Valentine’s Day as the wedding date.

Mac shares Tane’s secret

In the middle of the night, Felicity shows up at Mac’s door pleading to talk to Tane, but Mac refuses to give in and begs her to leave.

As soon as Cash learns of his sister’s plight, he begs Mac to try and assist her.

But Mac is honest and says Tane wasn’t even home when

Mac suffers a shock collapse

Cash confides in Eden about the issue, reeling from the news of Tane’s one-night hookups, only for Felicity to overhear them.

She charges right over to Salt and gives Mac a savage beating in front of the startled diners.

However, things soon take a horrifying turn when Mac collapses to the ground, clutching her chest in agony. While Felicity worries that she may have given Mac a heart attack, Xander, Cash, and the paramedics arrive.

Will she survive?

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