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EastEnders fans predict tragic Linda exit as addiction spirals out of control

Fans of EastEnders are concerned that Linda Carter’s unrelenting drinking, which is a desperate effort to deal with her killing Keanu Taylor at Christmas, may have a disastrous outcome.

Fans of EastEnders are concerned that Linda Carter’s increasing alcoholism may lead to a disastrous conclusion.

They worry that because she drinks so much, she could get liver failure. She killed Keanu Taylor on Christmas Day, and because she’s still dealing with the fallout, she’s resorted to alcohol.

In addition, Linda is coping with the apparent loss of her spouse Mick Carter (Danny Dyer), who vanished following an altercation with Janine Butcher around Christmas 2022.When her attacker Dean Wicks made his way back to Walford and Lauren Branning exposed the truth about Annie’s biological father, her problems only became worse.

<strong>Fans of EastEnders speculate that Lindas excessive drinking may cause her to have liver failure<strong>

Although Jacqueline Jossa’s character Lauren has vowed not to inform her father Max Branning that Annie is her half-sister, Linda feels uneasy about this. When Ricky Butcher gave Linda a photo of Mick and Janine’s little kid last week, her sadness reappeared and she began to drink excessively.

The fact that Linda was questioned by Karen Taylor (played by Lorraine Stanley) about her son Keanu’s location didn’t help; it just made her feel worse. Additionally, Linda’s drinking issue hit a new low on Thursday, February 9, when she was caught concealing booze in a coffee cup.

Lauren spotted Elaine with a bag of Minute Mart concealed wine, even though she had told Elaine she was giving up the drink. After seeing Linda hiding wine in her kitchen, Kathy advised Linda to “sober up.” Linda reassured Kathy that she was giving up the drink, but Kathy wasn’t buying it and told her to get a grip or else she could wind up disclosing the truth about Keanu’s passing.

<strong>After Kathy advised her to get sober they got into a heated argument in the bar<strong>

After a heated dispute between the two, Linda slaps Kathy in the bar. Later on, when Linda becomes lost, it’s none other than her son Johnny (Charlie Suff) who gets her back on track.

Supporters are concerned that Linda’s excessive drinking may cause her to have liver failure. Some have even drawn comparisons between her and Anita Dobson’s character, Angie Watts, a former landlady who battled alcoholism.

<strong>She became confused<strong>

Angie, the adoptive mother of Sharon Watts, passed away from cirrhosis of the liver 14 years after her final episode. Now, fans are curious as to whether history will repeat itself.

On X, a fan wrote: “Someone, please! Aid Linda! I’m here to tell you that she can’t continue to drink the way she is. A failing liver is not beautiful. #EastEnders. Someone else tweeted: “Angie and Linda, cut from the same cloth #EastEnders.”

<strong>Johnny her son was taken aback<strong>

A fourth person responded, “Linda, please don’t give yourself liver failure,” while a third added, “Guarantee if Linda gets liver failure like Angie did.” You are loved, x #EastEnders.”

“What if Linda has liver failure like Angie did in 1988?” wondered a different admirer. Maybe there might be a connection to this, when Kathy and Sharon are at her side in the hospital on “EastEnders.”

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