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EastEnders Ben Mitchell exit plot ‘revealed’ in murder twist — but he ‘doesn’t kill Dean’

Ben Mitchell of EastEnders is set to leave the BBC soap opera this year, and fans have “worked out” a murderous plot for his departure that does not include serial villain Dean Wicks.

Fans of EastEnders claim they have complaints about Ben Mitchell’s exit from the show, and things aren’t looking good for one Walford resident in particular.

Within the next several weeks, Max Bowden’s character will be leaving the show.The actor debuted in a soap opera in 2019 as Phil Mitchell’s kid. Throughout his tenure, he has been a part of several significant plots, including the character’s horrifying 2022 rape trauma.

Max, who played Ben for six different actors, gained popularity among viewers after making his debut.He’s even won a couple of awards for his performance.

<strong>Max will be departing from the serial opera as Ben Mitchell<strong>

However, fans are certain they know how Max will end up on the soap opera because his final moments are scheduled to appear in the coming weeks.

Next week, Johnny Carter, the son of Linda Carter, shows up in Walford and is frantic to support his drunken mother.Followers will remember Linda’s downward slide after she killed Keanu Taylor at Christmas and the reappearance of rapist Dean Wicks last year.

Enraged at Dean’s return, Johnny confronts him and they fight on the street, with Johnny threatening to leave his mother alone. Later, over a pint, Ben and his boyfriend Callum (Tony Clay) catch up with Johnny, but the two start to worry about their friend.

<strong>Ben has assured Johnny that Dean will be removed<strong>

After assuring Callum that everything will be legal and above board, Ben then promises Johnny that he will permanently fire Dean. Fans of the soap opera are certain that they have noticed Ben’s departure from the square.

Although most fans believe Ben will kill Dean in the end, some do not share this opinion. On X, a viewer remarked, “I don’t see this happening; Ben Mitchell will end up killing Dean Wicks.” Shirley’s son Dean is a victim of too much loss already; the authors shouldn’t add to her suffering because she recently lost Mick.

<strong>Some fans believe Ben could eliminate Dean<strong>

According to claims made by some fans, Ben would move out of the square if Calum cheats on him with Johnny. Someone wrote: “Ben is going to deceive Callum once more. With Johnny this time. Apparently, the affair will force Ben to leave.

However, in a completely unexpected turn of events, there is also a suggestion that Ben may murder his beloved Calum if he were to have a covert affair with Johnny. One of the viewers commented on the X post, saying, “Maybe he murders Callum because of his affair?”

<strong>A notion suggests that Ben could murder Callum following their liaison<strong>

“Anyone else think Ben will kill Callum or something and why he leaves?” a fan wrote on an EastEnders Facebook page. Why would Ben depart if they weren’t going to split up? Another said, “This would be good.”

It happened when Max hinted at his future in response to rumors that he was quitting the serial opera. “I’m so f*g excited to get out” was audible in a video purportedly filmed by a fan and posted online last week, with the 29-year-old actor posing with onlookers outside Elstree Studios in Borehamwood.

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