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Three years after her cancer diagnosis, Victoria Ekanoye, an ITV actress who formerly walked the Coronation Street cobbles, gives her fans an update.

Three years after disclosing her illness, former Coronation Street actress Victoria Ekanoye has spoken up about her fight with cancer in an emotional update.

From 2017 until 2019, Victoria played Angie Appleton in the well-liked ITV soap series. She was given a DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) breast cancer diagnosis after she left.

Given that her family has a history of fighting the cancer, the Royals star took quick action after finding a lump in her breast.

<strong>An sad cancer update is shared by a former ITV star who made an appearance on Coronation Street<strong>

She needed extensive therapy after the diagnosis and had a double mastectomy. She revealed the amazing news that she is cancer-free, three years after receiving her diagnosis that changed her life.

The celebrity revealed on X, formerly known as Twitter, that the results of her PET scan were clean. Victoria posted a picture of herself, her baby son Theo, and her longtime lover Jonny Lomas.

“Taken the day I revealed my breast cancer diagnosis, 2021,” was the caption she wrote on the photo. I’m now able to declare that I’m cancer-free after receiving the results of my blood and PET scan.

“I am grateful to everyone who served as my safety net,” she said. Being surrounded by such kind people humbles me. Let’s go, 2024!”

<strong>Victoria Ekanoye a Coronation Street celebrity who portrayed Angie Appleton<strong>

She disclosed that her mother and sister had also battled cancer when she spoke candidly about her own illness, stating: “My mother had breast cancer at the age of 41, and her sister at the age of 39 – so many people in my family, in fact.” I thus don’t actually give myself much time before checking these items.

“On October 13, I received a diagnosis of ductal carcinoma in situ, or DCIS. It essentially indicates that malignant cells have developed inside the milk ducts.”

“We’re really optimistic, positive, and lucky that we’ve caught it as early as we have,” she said.

<strong>Victoria Ekanoye as Angie Appleton<strong>

“I’m not sure if calling myself lucky is appropriate, but that’s how I feel.”

Now that three years have passed and everything is clear, Victoria is prepared to start a new chapter.

“Oh gosh, it’s been a long wait, obviously at the end of 2021 is when I got diagnosed and our boy wasn’t even 1 year old,” Victoria stated in an interview with The Sun.

She continued, feeling relieved that she could finally start a new chapter: “We are just over the moon to have that weight lifted off our shoulders.”

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