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Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Drunk Simon in car smash with Sam

Simon’s alcoholism puts Sam at risk.

According to our Coronation Street spoilers for this Sunday, February 11, we may see that Simon Barlow gets into trouble after driving too fast and ends up in an accident. Worse than that, he has little Sam in the vehicle with him!

Will either of them escape unharmed?

In another scene, Daniel discovers to his dismay that Bethany has sent an article to Chit-Chat Magazine about him. How will he respond, though?

While Dee-Dee worries about her father, Adam sticks to his agreement with Harvey. Then, after going shopping together, Nick and Toyah get back.

<strong>When intoxicated Simon loses control of Leannes vehicle<strong>

Drunk Simon crashes his car with Sam

After a wild party the previous evening, Simon collapses into the couch suffering from a terrible hangover.Simon stealthily takes a sip of vodka as Bobby straightens up the apartment.

Nick informs Toyah that he wants her assistance shopping when they get home. He requests that Simon take Sam to his chess match.

However, as they are driving, Simon takes a turn and loses control of the vehicle, crashing into a road sign.

Simon advises Sam to get out of the car and escape as he becomes terrified.

Simon later admits to Leanne that he broke into her car.Simon is compelled to acknowledge that he was above the legal drinking and driving limit, though, when she demands that they call the police.

What will Leanne do next?

<strong>When Daniel finds out what Bethany has been up to he is startled<strong>

Bethany comes clean to Daniel

Daniel expresses to Lauren his admiration for her work. She is prepared to take her GCSE, he informs her.

However, Lauren is disappointed when she finds that the exam registration price is £148.

Subsequently, Daniel answers the editor of Chit-Chat Magazine’s call on Bethany’s phone.Bethany feels compelled to acknowledge that she authored a piece about Ryan, Daisy, and him.

What will Daniel’s response be?

<strong>Adam is enraged at Sarahs excellent news<strong>

Adam commits to Harvey’s scheme

Sarah informs Adam that she is glad to sell the apartment since she and Damon want to purchase a home with a garden.Adam is irate after hearing Sarah’s good news.

John and Adam practice his confession on the drive to the police station.

Is Adam able to carry out Harvey’s plan?

<strong>Dee Dee worries about her father<strong>

Coronation Street spoilers: Dee-Dee worries for Ed

Damon gets reprimanded by Dee-Dee for falsifying on Ed’s insurance applications. Dee-Dee worries, though, as Damon suggests that she has also risked her life for her father. Is she pursuing Damon too far?

<strong>Nick intends to ask Leanne to marry him<strong>

Coronation Street spoilers: Nick buys the bling

Nick returns from a joint shopping expedition with Toyah. They gleefully inspect the ring Nick has selected for Leanne’s engagement.

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